How a delivery swap works

How a delivery swap works


We are not trying to make a profit on delivery.

Our goal is breaking even on delivery cost.

Your delivery cost MAY be reduced by donating ACCEPTABLE furniture at the time of delivery. Allow us to clarify:


  • We are not promising you a free delivery.
  • Please understand low-value items will not earn you a free delivery.
  • Our staff determines what the value of the items is.


We must first evaluate the furniture you’d like to donate. Evaluation happens when you text photos of items to (219) 308-0905, or when our staff sees the items in person. 


We reserve the option to reject unacceptable items.

IN OUR SOLE DISCRETION, if we estimate the items carry a sufficient resale value to more than offset the delivery cost, then we return a PORTION or POSSIBLY all of your delivery cost in the form of a check, cash, or store credit.


We trust you understand Community Furnishing is NOT GUARANTEEING FREE delivery service. Items may be rejected or valued as less than the full delivery cost. 


We're just trying to work with people - by providing a service in exchange for stuff. There has to be a balance. The value of the stuff serves to offset the cost of the service. We hope this makes good sense. Thank you for taking the time to read this! 


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