How does the $49 initial payment work?

Now, that's an excellent question!


Most folks enjoy the feel of brand new furniture to complete their home. 

But, Mr. Budget chimes in, "Uh, oh! Can't afford the good stuff right now."

Here's good news!

Community Furnishings makes it happen. 

Fresh furniture delivered today ... with just $49 down. 

How does it work? 

You have 12 weeks to pay off the balance.

  • Same-as-cash.

  • No interest.

  • No credit needed. All based on income.

Do you have income? Then let's upgrade that furniture! 


"But what if I don't have $49 on my card today?"


You don't need the $49 until the day of delivery. We can still activate your account today with no money. You do NOT need the $49 in your bank account today to get the pay plan turned on. Just have it ready before delivery. 


Then what?

Just activate your account.  

All you need is your bank account and routing number. Done. 

Consider Sample Sally. 

Sally wants a sectional, but her card only has $10 on it. 

Fine. We can still activate her account. 

We look for:

  • A traditional bank account

  • In good standing for 90 days 

  • $1k+ flowing through that account monthly 


Average approval is 60% of your combined income for a whole month, before taxes. Including everyone in your house. 

All of the $49 plus tax goes to Progressive to cover risk and admin expense. 


Tap to activate your 90-day pay plan with Community Furnishings.

Or call 219-554-5100. Happy to help. 




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