How much does JUST a box spring cost?

How much does JUST a box spring cost?

Now THAT is a loaded question! 


The answer should be simple, right? 


Well, how much does it cost to BUILD a box spring (aka foundation) at the factory? 

(The answer is about fifty bucks: $50.) 


We just pass through that same price of $50. No markup. No margin. No profit. We absorb the cost to pickup & store the foundations. 


Why? Well, because the rest of the industry seems determined to double the cost of everything. They multiply cost by 2-point-something. That is their magic formula. COST times 2.4x or 2.6x seems to be the acceptable market margin. On a box spring! 

People can sense when they are being gouged. They know it. 


Here is what JUST a box spring sells for locally

menards logo tm

Menards: Serta® Queen Size Commercial Box Spring

Everyday Low Price: $129

Model Number: 692499_550  |  Menards® SKU: 4821961
Variation: Queen Size - Cream color

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Sam's Club: 

Serta StabL-Base Foundation Universal Box Spring (Club Pickup) 

  • $129.98
Item  #: 511976 | Model #:  500107899-550 
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Costco: Blackstone BiFold 7.5" Foundation - Queen

Your Price: $139.99

Item #1091483


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Community Furnishings: $50 

Fifty. Cost-pass-through. We buy at $50 from the factory and sell at $50 to the public. 

Why give it away?

Because then people relax and listen better to what our mattresses cost. They know we are not out to make a buck from every angle. All proceeds go to effective world evangelism anyway. 


Some might be thinking: "But won't people just take advantage of you? I mean buy the mattress elsewhere and come get a factory-cost foundation / box from you guys?"

Well, that would be fine actually. We are confident our mattress quality and price point is worthy of comparing. 


black foundation box spring  

black base foundation boxspring


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