How to shop around for furniture

How to shop around for furniture

Seems like an awkward question. Everybody already knows the answer pretty much, right?

But let’s think about it.

For decades we have been trained to hit six stores and compare.

Compare what?

In 2023, is all that fuss necessary?

“What do you mean? I always shop around.”

Oh, let’s explore that. Shopping 🛍️ may have improved recently. 🙂

“Around” means… making the rounds. Multiple stops. At least two or more stores hunting for something.

The second implication inside those magic words: “shopping around.”


That’s new, right? Back in 2019 we could get anything instantly. But now there seems to be a supply chain slow down. Number one to compare is “HOW SOON can I get the thing once I find it?” You’re not gonna find that answer without asking. The whole gist of this article is to get people to speak please.

Welcome to “verbal shopping.”

It’s a new era! You SAY what you want… And we find it together. Just describe it best you can. Were you looking for something … maybe gray?

“I’ve got to see it. I’ve got to just keep going-and-going until something jumps out and lights up my eyes and touches my heart.”

To feel like I fully got the shopping urge out of my system … I have to compare product 1 at location 1 with product 2 at location 2. Generally speaking. Because I already know it’s not going to be an exact match. Especially in furniture. Couch 1 is not going to equal couch 2. Rarely do stores carry the exact same stuff. If they do, one of them is irrelevant and closing soon.

But do I really have to “shop around” in 2023? Why not just ask location 1 to help me find what I want? (Location 1 had the best reviews after all. Maybe they are the most helpful.)

Here’s the old assumption: everything is instantly available right on the show floor. Here’s the new reality: less than 10% of available products can fit on the show floor or be available instantly.

Patience is the new key. Time opens the door of opportunity.

Gotta-have-it yesterday = very limited options. Patient up to seven days = hundreds of doors opening. Patient 2 to 4 weeks to get something factory-direct opens 5000 doors. Literally. 🙂

Shopping around sometimes means I’m not patient. I’ve got to have it yesterday, so I need to hit all six local and long-distance stores until what I see lands at my house.

“Verbal shopping” expresses the general parameters of what I’m aiming for … that description empowers a skilled-hunter-person to go find options FOR me and WITH me. Team effort = much better results!

Let someone help.

We all know the robots take over the world next year. But while it’s still called today, please let a human be helpful. We love serving. Let someone feel useful. 🙂

You can verbalize.

Here are some really good examples: “My living room has gray walls.” And just watch the magic happen after that. 🤯 💥 🪄

Another example of verbal shopping: “We are so tired of sectionals. We want to switch to something else.” Perfect! We can totally work with that information.

Verbal dining example: “Table for six with a bench please. Dark wood. Padded seats.” You realize what you just did there? You shrunk hundreds upon hundreds of options down to maybe 30.

You saved gas.

You saved time.

You verbalized the future. You just got six steps closer to what you want. You hired a helper! 🙂

Some people have to wait for product to jump up and make that special connection. Other people simply verbalize. “We want a pillow top. Probably not your cheapest version but something decent.” Totally we can work with that.

Speak it.

Get it.

This is the verbal generation. Alexa, bring me an iced tea. ✅

Speaking narrows-down your selection by: Color group: (greys, browns, brights) Size: (8’, 10’, 12’ … 92% of families fail to measure before they go shopping for furniture. Isn’t that amazing?) Durability: (structure and material) Features: (chaise, reclining, power, gel) Time: (yesterday, 1 week, 2-4 weeks)


Think it through. Explain what you want. Good old fashion conversations are welcome. 🙂 Humans are the good guys. We understand Internet shopping provides the adrenaline surge from information overload while shopping through 4000 items. But what if there was an assistant available to narrow-down the search with you?

Just say it.

Then we can help. 🙂

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