Rules for shopping used furniture

Rules for shopping used furniture

1. Inspect the furniture.

If you did not look at it… that’s all on you.

2. Be thankful.

Somebody somewhere would be super thankful for the usefulness of that furniture. Find some value in it and express gratitude verbally. 🙂

3. Realistic expectations.

It’s used. Don’t expect perfection. Slight imperfections are welcome. Just remind your wallet that you did get a deal.

4. Test comfort.

The ultimate function of furniture is not beauty alone. So you save big money… but the furniture is extremely uncomfortable. Did you win? Allow your backbone to participate in the voting process. 🙂

5. Stop worshiping the almighty dollar.

See if you can stretch time to pay it off in 90 days with no score. If time is not an option, don’t get discouraged. Make progress toward becoming qualified to access a 90-day plan by simply establishing proper banking habits. If you got Furniture for 50 bucks, please be content. No complaining. Please work within the available resources to get what you can.

6. Aim for new.

Some rooms sporting the vintage look is cool. However, aspire to acquire brand new beds. Gradually improve. One room at a time. 🙂

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