The Things To Avoid When Buying Online Furniture

The Things To Avoid When Buying Online Furniture

The magic of online shopping is boundless. Need a tube of toothpaste? Type it in the Google box, pick out something that looks good enough, click, buy, and after a normal shipping period you’ll find the need to go out and shuffle through the self checkout for one measly thing at the supermarket is essentially eliminated. Gee wow!

And now, thanks to the equally boundless imagination and American ingenuity nestled in the minds of a number of business owners, what you can buy online is no longer limited to the stuff you don’t wanna drive all the way to the general store to pick up. It’s expanded to include furniture and as exciting as this is, you should approach the opportunity with caution. As we all know, when something first starts out, the problems likely aren’t all worked out just yet. We’ve collected a few of the more crucial pieces of information so that you can make advised online furniture shopping decisions.

Dimensions First

This should probably be pretty evident, but just in case, please look at the dimensions given for the piece. Before you click that pretty little “add to cart” button, get out a tape measure. Make sure that it’ll fit where you intend it to go, but also measure the height of your ceiling to ensure it’s not too tall. Measure your stairway and your doorway to ensure that you can get everything through the door. Add an inch or two to your own measurements, just in case they’re off and feel free to give the company selling the piece a call and ask about other proportions of the piece to make sure that you can actually use what you intend it for rather than handing over your credit card details willy-nilly.

Consider The Screw Driver

By that, we mean you should realize now that assembly isn’t always the easiest thing you’ve ever done. There’s a reason IKEA is constantly made fun of because their furniture is hard to put together, it’s partially because their furniture is put together in a flimsy fashion and that makes the construction details more complicated as they’re compensating to make the piece more stable. With other furniture manufacturers it won’t be so cut and dry. You’ll almost certainly have to assemble most pieces because many manufacturers have to flat pack their items before they’re shipped, so that means your furniture piece will be accompanied by a thick instruction booklet that is likely poorly written.

Double Check That Color

If silkscreen printers can wreck t-shirt coloring, then there’s a pretty good chance that the brown on that leather chair is not going to be the exact hue you believe it’s going to be. Sure, photography has come a long way, and there’s very little excuse for not being able to post a decent, true-to-form picture of a product, but sometimes things can be a bit off. The color you think you see could easily be because of the tint you have on your monitor, rather than the actual color of your piece. Contact them and ask for some fabric samples just to be sure what you’re looking at is what you’re looking at.

Shop For Online Furniture From A Reputable Seller

Community Furnishings is passionate about making beautiful, high-quality furniture of all kinds accessible to everyone. We know what problems arise with online shopping for furniture and we strive to make the process as easy as possible so you are seeing the color you’re getting in the picture, the dimensions are right and all the other things that could go wrong, won’t go wrong.

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