Collection: Barstools / Bar / Pub Tables

There’s something about gathering around a pub table and perching on bar stools that makes it more fun to sip drinks and tell stories. We’re sure you’ve had the opportunity to take a seat on a bar stool in your favorite pub and while away the hours in good company, so why not in your home? Bring your basement bar area to the next level with our pub tables and bar stools that are sure to give your room more character and improve the overall aesthetic.

Our bar stools come in a wide variety. We understand that furniture is one of the most personal things in your home. It’s like physical art that you’re going to bring into your space and use to improve an entire room. It’s past just the functionality of the piece; it’s about how it makes you and your guests feel when they enter the room. You’ll find the piece you need in our inventory — if not right away, then certainly within the next couple of weeks. Our recent and featured items page is updated on a regular basis because our inventory is always turning over. So if you don’t find the perfect piece right now, we’re always here to reach out to you. We’d be happy to let you know about new pieces that fits your style profile whenever you need to. Start shopping and expanding your ideas today.