Charities We Help

Let me try explaining our motivation.

Moving furniture is heavy work. We are happy to do it because the proceeds are feeding the hungry, both physically and spiritually. In America, $35 doesn't go very far. But in countries like Honduras, India, and Haiti, $35 provides 3 nutritious meals a day and a Christian education for an otherwise destitute child.

Touch-A-Life is one of the charities we support, providing food for the body and spirit in underprivileged nations. 

We like Touch-A-Life because: 

  • Monthly hand-written letters and reporting is provided. 
  • This ministry invests in a child's life long-term. 
  • Jesus would help those most hungry. 
  • Sponsoring abandoned, orphaned, and destitute children allows the local, national pastor to focus on the great commission. 
  • We think God is smiling on this ministry and opening doors for them to reach many more people. 
  • Visit the Touch-A-Life Website to learn more.


We are also proud to support Christian Media International, because hearing options is empowering. You can visit their website at


Proceeds from furniture purchased at Community Furnishings goes to one of four charities. The customer gets to pick from the ministries we support.