Super Simple

two options

12 months


or 12 weeks 

Simple is better. 

No credit means you get 12 weeks same-as-cash. 
Some credit gets you 12 months without interest. 


Bold is better.

We make the fine print … bold print! 
NO INTEREST … only when you play by the rules.  We help you avoid interest by making it super simple. Pay it all off within the time frame … or pay a lot more! 

Clarity is better.

Does This Help Build My Credit?

The pink plan can! The purple plan cannot. By law, a 12-week term cannot help build your credit. (No matter what the other furniture stores promise.) Only pay plans 6-months or longer can report to the bureaus.

So I’m All Set?

Emphatically, no! After delivery, you have to personally call the lease / finance company to set up the pay schedule in your favor … to avoid interest.

Can I text them? I don't like making phone calls.

Sorry, no. It’s just one call to activate & avoid interest. They’re nice people. Afterward, you can monitor and make payments on the app.

Activate The Purple Plan
~ or ~
Let's Go Pink