Our Story

Your story first ... 

 "My full-spectrum furniture resource, ... from $5 chairs to $2k sectionals, I check Community Furnishings first."  -Sally

 People shop here for all kinds of reasons. Some love vintage. Some love discovering a deal. Lots of folks appreciate quality craftsmanship.   People tend to get the best the best quality they can afford, and everyone can find something here. We serve everyone ... with enthusiasm!

Our Story ... 

Why we do this?  We just want to matter.  Retail business is one way to give energy toward what we believe. We believe in helping people; we believe people ought to have choices. The Americans spirit says everyone should have the freedom to choose, right? If you grew up in a country with only one book ... you'd like to know if there were other options. Our passion is funding effective world evangelism joyfully! 

 We're happy to give! 

Work diligently. Live simply. Give generously. 

We're a funnel, not a bucket. Not about personal gain. We measure success by what we are able to give. The give-able.