Ownership Options

“You CAN own it!  Here’s how.”

Many people ask, “Can you make it affordable for me?”

We have three Ownership Options

  • No credit (12-weeks same-as-cash) [Progressive explained when selected, and why Progressive excels far above Acima and other finance options]
  • Some credit (24-weeks 0% & $0 down) [Synchrony explained when rolled-over. Do you use Credit Karma, and is your score 600+? Great, then Synchrony becomes an option for you!] or https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/promotional-financing
  • Cash / Card

We harmonize with your payday.

No rental (Clarifying because as soon as some people see a payment plan they think of rental, since that is what they are used to, and it scares them.)

Because most people don't have an extra $1k sitting around, most furniture is paid off gradually over time. Our goal is for you to pay no interest, stay at 0%, same as cash. Consider the three largest purchases most people make are their home, car, and furniture. Empowering people with ownership options is vital for financial health. We rescue people from long-term furniture rental. "You mean I don't need credit?" Exactly! Here's how it works ...

We help you relax and feel in charge of your money. Community Furnishings is where ownership becomes possible, with no extra fees. No tricks or traps. Everything is explained transparently and respectfully. We clearly, boldly communicate how to avoid any interest fees. Just get what you can afford and don't pay more than cash-value. Neither of us have any interest in you paying interest. :-) Once you see that furniture ownership is possible, the rental company can come haul away their stuff. :-)  Renting is stressful. Eliminate the risk of repossession. Owning is safer & smarter!

Here, people discover furniture they can reasonably afford. We show you how to set up autopay on your payday.

Whether your income is weekly, biweekly, or monthly, we harmonize with your schedule. All pay plans you see priced on our site include sales tax, and we round up for you. Meaning if a sectional says the weekly payment is $98, that's including tax. All done. Simple. Set it and forget it.

Just ask yourself,

"How often do I get paid?"

"What fits my budget?"

"What pay schedule works for me?"