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Every room has an "anchor item."  

Your anchor is the core focal piece around which all your design elements revolve. Your anchor is usually a rug, an accent chair, or a work of art. 



 How It Works

Just snap and send us a shot of your anchor piece and we'll take it from there!  We will draw out the teals and the deep tones, helping you achieve the look and feel you want. Creativity sometimes craves encouragement.  Let your personality resonate with the anchor, and orchestrate the room in that direction.  Begin your design journey by embracing your anchor item ... not literally, just with your heart. :-)  Then we build a whole feel around that theme. It's a beautiful process.

You LOVE that one rug. Right? Visualize it. Snap it. Send it. 

Our skilled designers help connect your theme with matching elements. It's like we become your personal assistant. It's fun! 

Just message us your anchor image and we'll complete the look. Or pick any piece you LOVE on our website, and we can accentuate it with side tables, lamps, throws, and wonderful what-nots. You'll see. Try it!

To get started message us now!