We Buy Furniture

We gladly pickup furniture!

3 things you look for when you want furniture gone:

  • Convenience: done and gone.

We work hard at being flexible & available. We understand people usually want items removed pretty quickly. It's the American way ~ solve my problem today! No more disappointing no-shows from Craigslist. No more haggling with Facebook offers. Just take the whole truckload ~ make all of it disappear!

  • Cause: we are a funnel, not a bucket.

People want to know they helped a good cause. All proceeds are funding effective world evangelism. We help build feeding centers for abandoned / orphaned / destitute children in underprivileged nations that have no government food program. We feed the body and the soul by providing Christian education in Honduras, India, Ghana, and more. We also deliver the gospel through radio and television to places where people are hungry to hear about Jesus Christ.

  • Cash: we buy premium-grade furniture wholesale.

We appreciate donations of course … but some people want cash. Cash in hand now is easier than Craigslist or Facebook (which means scheduling meetings with multiple people, no-shows, splitting up sets, haggling, and a large amount of your precious time & energy).

Common Questions:

Q: How does it work?

1) Snap.

          You snap a picture of the furniture / items you want gone.

2) Text.

          Text the pictures to 219-308-0905.

3) Call.

          We call to arrange pickup and discuss a wholesale offer.


Q: What do you buy?

A:  We buy furniture that:

  • Has plenty of life left in it.
  • Is durably built of solid, sturdy materials (not particle board or glued together sawdust).
  • Is beautiful and attractive.
  • Is gently used.
  • Has good resale value.
  • We also buy working appliances and home decor like artwork and lamps.


Q: How much do you pay?

A: Our resale prices are generally 60 to 80% below retail. We pay you a portion of the resale value up front, in cash. We do not do consignment.


Q: Do you make the whole process convenient for me?

A: Most of our pickups are same-day! 


Q: What are your pickup hours?

A: 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. most days. Until 6 on Wednesdays. Closed Sundays.


Q: What charities do you support?

A: We gladly funnel all proceeds into two charities currently. Touch-a-Life [tal.world] provides both nutritious food and Christian education for orphaned and abandoned children. And Christian Media International [sharecmi.com] delivers the gospel to a listening audience of 2 billion people by radio and television.