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Laredo RUGLO16 Style

Laredo RUGLO16 Style

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    Timeless Sophistication!

    The Laredo Collection is sure to catch the eye of any quest in your home. A low profile rug using the latest in digital printing technology these rugs mimick the high end Patchwork cowhide rugs that grace the covers of magazines for a fraction of the price.

    • 7 different designs available. Just search RUGLO to see more of the Laredo Rug Collection.

    Color Makes It Happen!

    Cute 3▪ 5: $49 cash or card

    Standard 5 ▪ 7: $129 cash or card

    Whole ROOM 6.7 ▪ 9.7: $199 cash or card

        Let's Make It Happen!

        Plenty of BRAND NEW RUGS to choose from! Serving hours: 10 to 7:30 Mon, Tue, Th, Fri, Sat. 10 to 6 Wednesday. Not Open Sundays. Please give us a call at (219) 554-5100 to connect with a friendly and helpful team member!

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