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WEEKLY or MONTHLY. Christy Clean Bedroom Set

WEEKLY or MONTHLY. Christy Clean Bedroom Set

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Cristy Clean!

You and your kids will love this set! Head board comes in twin, full, and queen. What is amazing about this set is that you don't have to buy it all at once. Just get the bed first and grow it from there! Awesome, right?

Color Makes It Happen! 

TWIN/FULL/QUEEN  Headboard: $89 cash or card

Nightstand: $119 cash or card

4-Drawer Chest: $159

5-Drawer Chest: $189

Dresser and Mirror: $319 cash or card

    • $27 weekly for 12 weeks
    • $27 monthly for 12 months
    • $22 bi-weekly over 16 months

    TWIN/FULL/QUEEN headboard, Dresser, Mirror, 5-Drawer Chest: $569

      • $51 weekly for 12 weeks
      • $51 monthly for 12 months
      • $32 bi-weekly over 19 months

      T/F/Q headboard, Dresser/Mirror, 5-D Chest, Nightstand: $699

        • $58 weekly for 12 weeks
        • $58 monthly for 12 months
        • $39 bi-weekly over 19 months

      Make it Happen With Us!

      Plenty of BRAND NEW BEDROOM SETS to choose from! Please give us a call at (219) 554-5100 to connect with a friendly human! :)

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