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WEEKLY or MONTHLY. Frankie Rustic Umber Round Table & 4 Side Chairs

WEEKLY or MONTHLY. Frankie Rustic Umber Round Table & 4 Side Chairs

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Enjoy Meal Time!

Mixing metal with wood, the transitional Franklin 5-Piece Dining Set provides a unique addition to your home. The round dining table features a rustic umber finished oak woodgrain veneer, with antique brass nailheads along the apron. The sturdy metal base is made of curved legs and includes a small circular shelf. The matching side chairs feature a comfortable curved back with a dark brown faux leather back and seat with nailhead trim.

  • Available in other colors and sizes! Just search D2020 in the website!

Color Makes It Happen!

Side Chairs (2-pack): $299 cash or card

  • $27 weekly over 12 weeks
  • $27 monthly over 12 months
  • $21 bi-weekly over 16 months

45" Round Table: $399 cash or card

  • $36 weekly over 12 weeks
  • $36 monthly over 12 months
  • $26 bi-weekly over 17 months

45 Round Table & 2 Chairs: $689 cash or card

  • $61 weekly over 12 weeks
  • $61 monthly over 12 months
  • $38 bi-weekly over 19 months

45" Round Dining Table & 4 Side Chairs: $989 cash or card

  • $88 weekly over 12 weeks
  • $88 monthly over 12 months
  • $44 bi-weekly over 25 months

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