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WEEKLY or MONTHLY. Fully Modular Chaise Glider Recliner

WEEKLY or MONTHLY. Fully Modular Chaise Glider Recliner

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Comfort is King!

  • Pub back styling
  • Pocketed coil seat cushions
  • Padded arms & padded chaise footrest
  • Double needle contrast stitching
  • Fabrics: Charcoal
  • Fabric content: 100% polyester

Dimensions: (W X D X H)

  • Pad-Over-Chaise Glider Recliner: 37” wide x 39” deep x 40” tall

Color Makes It Happen!

Glider Recliner: $669 cash or card

  • $60 weekly for 12 weeks
  • $60 monthly for 12 months
  • Ask us about bi-weekly payment

**Comes in grey as well! To see, please search GINBUCK in the website! Matching pieces are available as well!

    Let's Make It Happen!

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