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WEEKLY or MONTHLY. Tufted Flynn Ryder Sectional

WEEKLY or MONTHLY. Tufted Flynn Ryder Sectional

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    Sit and Relax!

    Comfortable and sophisticated, the Ryder collection is designed for gathering in style. The thoughtfully curved shape and subtle cushion tufting make this transitional piece an easy fit with your existing decor. With ample seating for family movie nights or hosting a gathering of friends, the Ryder collection is a beautiful addition to your home.

    Dimensions (Inches): 

    • Storage Ottoman: 32 wide x 32 deep x 17 tall
    • Sectional: 124 wide x 85" deep x 36 tall

    Color Makes It Happen! 

    Storage Ottoman: $269 cash or card

    • $24 weekly for 12 weeks
    • $24 monthly for 12 months
    • Ask us about bi-weekly payment

    Sectional: $1,899 cash or card

    • $169 weekly for 12 weeks
    • $169 monthly for 12 months
    • Ask us about bi-weekly payment

    Let's Make It Happen!

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