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Weekly or Monthly. Harvin Double Power Couch and Loveseat

Weekly or Monthly. Harvin Double Power Couch and Loveseat

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Comfortable Seating!

Harvey pairs a tailored silhouette with modern horizontal tufting to create a motion collection that defies expectations. High quality, soft performance fabric in mottled gray combines with power head and footrests to put the ease in leisure. Sophisticated design that is built to last, Harvey will add comfort to your home while maintaining a fashion-forward feel.


  • Recliner: 37" wide, 33.26" deep, 40.55" tall
  • Couch: 37" wide, 78.35" deep, 40.55" tall
  • Loveseat: 37" wide, 56.69" deep, 40.55" tall

Color Makes It Happen!

    POWER RECLINER W / 1 POWER HEADREST: $879 cash or card

    • $78 weekly over 12 weeks
    • $78 monthly over 12 months
    • Ask us about bi-weekly payment

        COUCH W / 2 POWER HEADREST: $1,649 cash or card

        • $147 weekly over 12 weeks
        • $147 monthly over 12 months
        • Ask us about bi-weekly payment

        LOVESEAT W / 2 POWER HEADREST: $1,539 cash or card

        • $137 weekly over 12 weeks
        • $137 monthly over 12 months
        • Ask us about bi-weekly payment

        COUCH & LOVESEAT: $3,188 cash or card

        • $284 weekly over 12 weeks
        • $284 monthly over 12 months
        • Ask us about bi-weekly payment

        Let's Make It Happen!

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