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WEEKLY or MONTHLY. Homeland Watershed Couch Set

WEEKLY or MONTHLY. Homeland Watershed Couch Set

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Time for Living Room Upgrade!

This timeless sofa featuring padded rolled arms comes in a stylish and inviting grey fabric. The double welted boxed seat cushions are reversible for added flexibility and long-lasting comfort.

  • Padded rolled arms
  • Double welted boxed seat
  • Toss pillows included

Dimensions (W X D X H):

  • Couch 88” wide x 38” deep x 41” tall
  • Loveseat 67” wide x 38” deep x 41” tall

Color Makes It Happen!

Ottoman: $499 cash or card

  • $44 weekly for 12 weeks
  • $44 monthly for 12 months
  • Ask us about bi-weekly payment

Loveseat: $939 cash or card

  • $84 weekly for 12 weeks
  • $84 monthly for 12 months
  • Ask us about bi-weekly payment

Couch: $979 cash or card

  • $87 weekly for 12 weeks
  • $87 monthly for 12 months
  • Ask us about bi-weekly payment

Couch & Loveseat: $1,918 cash or card

  • $171 weekly for 12 weeks
  • $171 monthly for 12 months
  • Ask us about bi-weekly payment

Let's Make It Happen! 

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