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WEEKLY or MONTHLY. Skyline Queen Bed

WEEKLY or MONTHLY. Skyline Queen Bed

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    Learning is Fun!

    Bicast leather bed with accent stitching and tapered wooden legs.

    Color Makes It Happen! 


    Twin Bed: $429 CASH or CARD

    • $38 weekly for 12 weeks
    • $38 monthly for 12 months
    • Ask us about bi-weekly payment

    Full Bed: $499 CASH or CARD

    • $44 weekly for 12 weeks
    • $44 monthly for 12 months
    • Ask us about bi-weekly payment

    Queen Bed: $539 CASH or CARD

    • $48 weekly for 12 weeks
    • $48 monthly for 12 months
    • Ask us about bi-weekly payment

    King Bed: $699 CASH or CARD

    • $62 weekly for 12 weeks
    • $62 monthly for 12 months
    • Ask us about bi-weekly payment

    Let's Make It Happen!

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